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Craniosacral Therapy is a healing modality that has roots in the work of early osteopaths, and is taught today with varying approaches by numerous training programs. Visionary Craniosacral Work™ (VCSW), developed by Scottish osteopath Hugh Milne, acknowledges all of these teachings and traditions, but also honors the ancient roots in the healing work practiced by indigenous healers for countless millennia. Healers from all cultures have used deep intuitive listening to assess their patients, have applied the sensing and healing power of their hands, and have had their own names for the energies and rhythms in the body. What we call the craniosacral “Breath of Life”, could be related to prana in India, or chi in Asia.

Working in the spirit of all of these traditions, Visionary Craniosacral healing is about being present, being still, and listening. It is about perception and observation, discerning what is moving, what is not moving, what troubles you, what you need, and how to be of service. It is about sacred touch, and knowing that when touched in the right way, the body has an ancient instinctual response to move towards healing.

We know where to touch by listening, and when we make contact we listen some more, intuitively tracking the subtle movements of energy and shifts of consciousness. In this way the mysteries of healing unfold, and the stories carried in the muscles, the bones, and the organs may come into the light. These might be old stories of emotional or physical trauma, stories of what your core issues are right now, or visions of where you might be going on your path ahead. Through this process a deep stillness may settle upon the space, the body sighs with relief, the heart rejoices, and an inner harmony emerges that is in perfect alignment with Spirit.

Craniosacral work can be a supportive therapeutic treatment for many conditions, and is a very useful complementary therapy to treatment provided by your medical doctor or other health care professional. Although this work may be of benefit to your healing process, it is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, or professional counseling

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I learned how to listen, to listen with a still heart, with a waiting open soul, without passion, without desire, without judgment, without opinions.

      - Herman Hesse

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